• Image of Distant Crystal Healing and Reiki session

This Distant Reiki and crystal healing session uses the Hibiscus Moon certified techniques to balance the chakras, help re-align energetic frequencies, remove emotional & energetic blocks, while allowing for soul learning, healing & spiritual growth. It is gentle and effective, assisting all areas of the body.

After you order, we arrange a time to work together. Setting intention and honoring the cycles, I move into meditation state. I connect through the distant Reiki symbol and check chakras with crystal pendulum. I perform a thorough chakra balancing, and then a second layout based on your intentions and needs. Often during session, I connect with your guides and angels. After your session, I send you a copy of my notes and messages I may have received during your session.

I am also able to perform a focused layout based on your intention. Some suggested focused crystal healing layouts available include:

Abundance + Manifestation Layout
This layout is wonderful for those who are focused on career or financial issues. We work with the solar plexus and root to manifest more abundance.

Fertility Layout
This layout helps work with the sacral and heart center to assist those wanting to conceive.

The High Body Layout
This Reiki and crystal healing session involves a balancing, then a beautiful layout developed by Katrina Raphaell. It involves the High Mind point, the High Heart, and the High Physical, raising your vibration and really tapping into Higher Consciousness while grounding and supporting you. There are over twenty stones used in this layout.

Moon Cycle Layout
Working with the moon cycles is one of my specialities, this Reiki and crystal healing layout works with the moon cycles to help harness the energy of the moon. During the layout, I chant and draw down the moon for my clients. This is a particularly powerful layout for those who work with the Divine Feminine and want to honor their own inner goddess. I use stones intuitively in this layout to help facilitate healing.

Protection + Grounding Layout
This Reiki and crystal healing session is done during the new moon, This layout is done after a chakra balancing. It is important to connect with the Earth's electromagnetic field to restore balance and ground our own EMF. This is particularly strong during the new moon, and my client's sometimes get messages from Mother Earth. If requested, we can work with a guided meditation to bring you deeper into Earth consciousness. Black tourmaline, smokey quartz + black onyx.

Relaxation Layout
This Reiki and crystal healing session involves a balancing, then focused work on self-love. This layout is perfect for those going through a break-up or divorce, to boost compassion, to change self-pity into self-compassion, or for those recovering from abuse. Rubelite, ruby, rhodocroseite + rose quartz.

Third Eye Opening
This Reiki and crystal healing session involves opening the third eye to enhance psychic work, channeling, and part life meditations. azurite, amethyst + clear quartz.

The Transmuting Shield
One of my most popular layouts, this Reiki and crystal healing session involves a chakra balancing, then we move into a deep transmuting shield to strengthen the client's electromagnetic field, optimizing transmuting abilities. This is perfect for those going through a rough time, feeling vulnerable, or empaths. This layout is one that energizes, and strengthens, so it is not recommended for those looking to relax. It is perfect for lightworkers. Hematite, black tourmaline, pyrite + clear quartz.