• Image of full tarot reading
  • Image of full tarot reading

Tarot readings are a traditional ten-card Celtic Cross with oracle cards and a crystal reading. These sessions run anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour and often involve a number of layouts. Tarot readings are only done via phone, Skype or in person. I am no longer offering pdfs or mp3s of readings. Please indicate which you would like in the notes to seller.

I am an intuitive and psychic, and work with each client in a spiritual counseling session. I feel Tarot is one more Divine tool given to us to understand the world around us and our place in it. When I read for others remotely, I use my understanding of the symbols and the messages coming through from Spirit to help people answer questions and set intentions in their life. For me, symbology in all aspects of my life is incredibly important, and I use all signs in my daily life as touchstones to understand and connect with the Divine.

Tarot works best when my energy is focused around a question or concern, though when you specify no question, I am happy to read the energy around you right now, and give you some insights into what areas need attention. You can pose a question or intention to me when you purchase this reading, tell me as much or as little as you want. Please use the "Note to Seller" section of your paypal check out. This helps me focus my energy when I pull cards for you remotely. All my readings are done in meditation and in a sacred space. I take what we discuss and what you share with me seriously. It is an honor to be trusted with your question, so know that I will keep that in confidence.

If you are purchasing this for someone else, you are such a lovely friend. Please note that in the message to seller on PayPal. You will be sent a digital gift certificate to forward to your friend, who can then forward it to me when he or she is ready to redeem it.

In Notes to Seller please include: times and dates in which you are available for reading, your birthdate, your full name, and the question or focus of your reading. Please note that sometimes Angie is backed up for up to a month for readings. Contact before hand if you would like to know wait period at angie@themoonandstone.com